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Mayweather, Logan Paul pocket millions in dull exhibition bout [video]

Andile Sicetsha - 07.06.2021

Here’s how much Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul made from hugging each other in the boxing ring.

Floyd Mayweather kept his zero-loss record intact after he faced YouTuber Logan Paul in an eight-round exhibition boxing match that many around the world would like to forget.

Floyd Mayweather, Logan Paul: Here’s the winner

The Showtime-backed bout against 50-and-0 Mayweather and Paul whose only boxing match ended in him getting socked by star Tuber KSI in 2019, took place at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida, on Sunday night (US time).

The two boxers looked more like pals in the ring and what’s worse, the eight-round fight had more hugs than actual fists. In the end, this scorecard published by CBS Sports tipped Mayweather as the victor.

Regardless of the exhibition’s flatulance, for amateur boxer Paul, this was material proof that impossible truly is nothing.

“I don’t want anyone to tell me anything is impossible ever again. Everyone has it in them. Floyd Mayweather, it was an honour. You never know with this guy. I’m going to go home thinking: ‘Did Floyd let me survive?’ This is the coolest thing ever,” he said.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for many viewers who paid top dollars to watch the much-anticipated match.

How much did Mayweather and Paul make?

As raucus as social media has been about how much of a farse this exhibition was, Mayweather and Paul will be deaf to the noise, as they stash all the billions of rand the two made from this friendly fixture.

According to The Independent, Mayweather and Paul had already made millions from the fight before it even took place. From what’s been reported, Mayweather was guaranteed R134.7 million ($10 million) for his participation alone. He would also be in line to walk away with 50% of all profits gained from the pay-per-view subscriptions which, according to the bookies, was in line to trash the record he’d set with Conor McGregor back in 2017.

While the PPV numbers have yet to be tallied, one can easily forecast that Mayweather made truckloads of money on the night. Paul also walked away with a sizeable amount of money.

His participation guarantee was tipped to be estimated at R3.3 million ($250 000) and it’s believed his PPV take-home would be 10% of all profits earned on the night.

For an amateur whose second professional bout was with an undisputed champion, Paul looks more like an overachiever than anything else.

Watch the highlights below: