chad le clos mens final

All eyes on Chad Le Clos – How to watch the 200m mens final in SA

Andile Sicetsha - 27.07.2021

The nation is cheering on Chad Le Clos after he blazed his way into yet another Olympics final.

Decorated swimmer Chad Le Clos is flying the South African flag high with his stellar performance at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Chad Le Clos scrapes into 200m mens final

It’s not been an easy road getting to the final for the gold medalist. On Monday’s 200m butterfly heat event, Le Clos managed to secure a place in the semi-finals by finishing fifth with a time of 01:55:96.

This was just enough to move the swimmer into the semi-finals as the 16th and last qualifier. Speaking to reporters, the 29-year-old conceded that he may have approached the pools with a sloppy mindset.

“I don’t know. It’s the Olympic Games, guys. Maybe took it for granted yesterday (Monday), came in a little bit sloppy. Nearly paid for it, so I guess I was lucky,” he said.

On Tuesday, the four-time champion mentality was activated because Le Clos absolutely blazed his way into the 200m butterfly mens final, coming in first place with a time of 01:55:06.

How to watch Le Clos’ Olympics final in SA

The 29-year-old is a step away from claiming another gold medal in the Olympics contest. His 200m butterfly mens final takes place on Wednesday at exactly 03:49.

Even he knows that it won’t be a straightforward swim with competition favourite Kristof Milak from Hungary part of the contest.

“Tough pace, tough competitors, of course. Milak the huge favourite, as everyone knows. But we’ll kill or be killed! That’s how I go! Simple,” he said.

The swimming event will be broadcast on every outlet currently streaming the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. If DStv is not in your budget, then you can always watch the entire competition live on YouTube.