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Caster Semenya responds to court loss: ‘A man won’t rule my life’

Posted by Andile Sicetsha

The hope of seeing athletic champion Caster Semenya competing internationally has been shattered by a ruling made by a Swiss federal tribunal.

Swiss court hurts Caster Semenya’s future in athletics

On Tuesday, the tribunal sided with the court of arbitration for sport (CAS) in its decision to uphold 2019’s controversial policy that will basically alter the chemical structure of female athletes like Semenya who naturally produce higher levels of testosterone.

“Based on these findings, the CAS decision cannot be challenged. Fairness in sport is a legitimate concern and forms a central principle of sporting competition. It is one of the pillars on which competition is based,” the court ruled.

Caster Semenya responds to court ruling

More than likely, Semenya will not be allowed a fair chance to defend her title in Tokyo. The London 2012 and Rio 2016 gold medallist slammed World Athletics for forcing her to take drugs that may have adverse side effects on her complex biological structure.

On Wednesday morning, Semenya took to social media to share her positive outlook on the possible end to her international championship running.

“Chills, my people. A man can change the rules but the very same man can not rule my life. What I’m saying is that I might have failed against them [but] the truth is that I have won this battle long ago. Go back to my achievements then you will understand. Doors might be closed, [but it’s] not locked,” she tweeted.

In its statement, the Swiss federal tribunal cemented its decision on the fact that the implicated athletes have a choice to decline the testosterone-lowering treatment.

“Ultimately, the CAS decision is also compatible with the guarantee of human dignity. Implicated female athletes are free to refuse treatment to lower testosterone levels.

“The decision also does not aim to question in any way the female sex of implicated female athletes,” the statement read.

At this time, it is not clear what move Semenya can pull next. However, by the looks of it, the fight is far from over.