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Cancel culture digs up the dirt on Lil Kim, Jay-Z [video]

Avuya Walters - 11.01.2020

Twitter’s cancel culture is hot on the heels of two New York rap giants.

An old Lil Kim interview has resurfaced on social media and Twitter is divided on who is the worst of the two evils, Queen B or… Jay-Z.

WARNING: This content contains pornographic material, featuring Lil Kim and Jay-Z. Viewers’ discretion is strictly advised.

Twitter blasts Lil Kim, Jay-Z for sexual exploitation

Yup, Twitter’s cancel culture is hot on the heels of two New York rap giants. An interview, published in the 90s, showing Lil Kim being interviewed in the midst of an orgy has sparked outrage.

It is not clear why this Lil Kim interview was dug up but it sure sparked outrage in the online feminist community.

People were critical of tweeps who showed disdain towards Lil Kim for allowing this level of sexual exploitation.

After all, the biggest artist in music, Jay-Z, was casually seated next to two women who were engaged in heated foreplay, in an old 90s interview too.

Both artists have addressed this in the past, countless times, and all had been forgiven and forgotten.

Besides, if anything, the show was part of an insert ran by Miami’s king of kink, Uncle Luke.

The two artists were, in this context, nothing more than guests in the strange and deranged world of Uncle Luke.

Fan reaction to raunchy interviews

Regardless, the past will always affect our present and tweeps were at odds with two videos that were recorded three decades ago.

More than the shock of the heightened sexual exploitation in the interviews, fans who were not exposed to the 90’s Queen B were surprised to see how she looked before she underwent multiple plastic surgery operations.

These are just some of the things they had to say.