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Update: Bianca Schoombee has pulled out of Miss SA 2020

Posted by Avuya Walters

It’s safe to say that this is probably the worst day Bianca Schoombee has ever experienced. A day after social media Sherlock Holmes dug up old tweets from her past, the Miss South Africa hopeful thought it would be a wise decision to retract her pageant entry.

To say that shit hit the fan for Schoombee is a gross understatement. The young lady was gaining traction online as a fierce contestant for the coveted Miss SA crown.

However, that kind of attention also attracts people who, by any means necessary, will try and find a popular figure’s imperfections. Sure enough, they struck gold.

Bianca Schoombee pulls out of Miss SA race

It was discovered that at some point in her past, Schoombee was a racist bigot who shared a great disliking for fat people. On occasion, she would also throw in the N-word for good measure.

Years later, a changed woman who wears her devotion to Christianity on her sleeve, Schoombee was faced with the demons of her past — and she lost.

She attempted to plead for South Africa to give her a second chance and social media responded with #BiancaMustFall chants. Her modelling agency, Sync Models, suffered the same attacks after they showed her unwavering support.

Miss SA: ‘This has nothing to do with us’

Miss SA’s chief executive Stephanie Weil issued a statement in response to the backlash received online, no thanks to Schoombee. Weil reminded everyone that the pageant organisation can’t be held liable for the entrant’s behaviour since Schoombee’s application, much like the rest of the hopefuls, was not considered as yet.

“Entries for this year’s competition opened on May 11 and close on May 31, 2020, at midnight. The organisers have not yet announced its panel of judges nor evaluated any of the entries received. We only assess entrants once the deadline for submissions has closed. Once we have a selection of potential semi-finalists we run the necessary background checks. There is good governance in place to ensure that Miss South Africa finalists and semi-finalists align with our values,” the statement read.

Schoombee has since deleted her Twitter account, the first sign of a potential’s world that has come tumbling down.