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Mara, guys – Ami Faku did not pass away

Published by Avuya Walters

The beloved songstress Ami Faku must have had the wind knocked out of her sail when she opened her social media to find her name trending with condolences and tributes from her fans.

Fake news: Ami Faku has not passed away

If your imagination is extreme, then you were probably convinced that Faku, who ironically released Lala Ngoxolo a week ago, has been tweeting from beyond the grave, on Tuesday.

We don’t blame you. A social media troll took advantage of the anxiety felt across social media over the unfashionable trend of deaths lately, and claimed the 27-year-old had passed away.

Social media reacts to Faku’s response

As with anything alleged on social media, Mzansi’s netizens ran along with the claims. No cause of death was provided and fans were hoodwinked despite there being no statement issued by the Faku family.

Of course, it didn’t take long for the news to reach Faku, who, in bewilderment, went on Twitter to rightfully ask:

While her fans found this hilarious, there are a number of concerns that must have struck Faku. For one, it created unnecessary heartache for her friends and fans.

The other thing is, Faku’s family, who were clearly not in on the joke, may have truly believed that she had passed away. The anguish that comes with finding out about a lost loved one can’t be understated.

Alas, Faku’s tweet ruptured the internet and here are some of the reactions to the fake news:

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