amanikiniki challenge

Amanikiniki challenge dancers get Malema’s approval [video]

Posted by Avuya Walters

MFR Souls are basking in the light of social media viral moments as the ‘amanikiniki challenge’ has become the latest craze in South Africa.

The song, Amanikiniki was released on Friday 14 August as the lead single of the duo’s album Musical Kings which dropped on the same day.

The song has become yet another viral phenomenon, taking on the same trajectory that Master KG’s Jerusalema experienced not so long ago.

Amanikiniki features guest appearances from Kamo Mphela, Bontle Smith and Major League DJs and the music video, which you can watch below, was directed by Onkebetse Hlongwane.

Watch: Amanikiniki challenge takes off

Much like most viral things in South Africa, this song took off. How we measure the success of a record nowadays is with the scale at which it transforms into an online dance challenge.

Most of these viral moments start on TikTok and the Amanikiniki challenge was no different. A TikTok video showing two white men clad in ‘boere-wear’ as they execute the dance challenge with ease has spread like wildfire on social media.

It even received the applause of EFF leader Julius Malema, who posted the clip on his Twitter page.

We did a light search for more Amanikiniki challenge videos and this is what we found.

How to do the Amanikiniki dance

In case you were watching these videos and felt an itch beneath your two left feet, we have sourced a tutorial on how to perform the Amanikiniki dance challenge.

Who knows, you could be in line to feel the euphoria of social media fame if you post a video of yourself trying out the dance challenge using the hashtag #AmanikinikiChallenge.