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Five daring things to do in Cape Town

Swisher Post - 01.09.2020

Cape Town is officially open to interprovincial travellers. So, why not check off a few items from that bucket list?

As interprovincial travel opens up and the mercury rises, Cape Town is waking up from its annual hibernal slumber.

Now is the time to try something a little different. Take adventure and thrill-seeking to another level and try out these daring activities in the Mother City.

Five daring things to do in Cape Town


Is it even a bucket list if it doesn’t include skydiving? There are fewer more beautiful places to skydive over than Cape Town.

Take in its majestic mountains, rolling hills, blue ocean and Robben Island while you descend.

For inexperienced skydivers, the jump will be done in tandem. So, fear not, you will be strapped to a qualified professional.

There are quite a few companies offering this activity in the city, so you don’t have to drive out far to do it.

Tandem paragliding

people paragliding
Photo: Sourced from Pixabay

Not quite brave enough to attempt a skydive? Fear not, paragliding will give you a similar adrenaline rush.

You will start off with a run from a higher altitude point and before you know it, you will be gliding gracefully on a beautiful clear day, appreciating Cape Town in a new way.

Highly weather dependant for obvious reasons, tandem paragliding is done with a qualified instructor who will ensure that the experience goes as smoothly as possible.

Shark cage diving

a great white shark
Photo: Sourced from Pixabay

Another bucket list item and you’re in luck as Cape Town is dubbed as one of the best places to do shark diving at.

Be it in False Bay or Gaansbaai, shark cage diving will make for an unforgettable experience.

Come face to face with not only the formidable Great White shark but also other types of sharks.


a woman on a zipline
Photo: Sourced from Pixabay

Surprisingly peaceful, take in nature as you zip through or over a forest. This activity is not only open to adults but also older children.

It’s definitely something the whole family can enjoy and although a rush, relatively safe.


a man riding a quad bike
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Done in a landscape that best resembles the Sahara desert, the Atlantis dunes is amazing for quadbiking.

Drive your vehicle over its rolling sand dunes, and feel the adrenaline through your veins. Action-packed and something most of the family can partake in, quad biking is the perfect activity for adventure seekers.