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Five waterfalls to visit in South Africa

Panashe Ziramba - 06.07.2021

Here’s what you need to know about top five waterfalls, with Mpumalanga having the most.

Though we are going through a pandemic, it is needed to get some fresh air. Waterfalls are quite the adventure, and rarely will you find tons of people in your space. The option of hiking is always available or just simply viewing the beautiful scenery. South Africa is filled with tons of waterfalls.

Five waterfalls you can visit in South Africa

South Africa is filled with beautiful places filled with nature. From animals to waterfalls, South Africa is always top when it comes to nature. Here are five beautiful waterfalls in South Africa:

Kadishi Tufa Falls

Located in Mpumalanga and hidden at the end of Blyde Dam. It is surrounded by large red stones and bodies of water. The scenery is filled with tons of plants all around it, giving the environment a beautiful sense of brightness. It is one of the few rare living Tufa falls in the world according to SA Venues.

Mac Mac Falls

Also located in Mpumalanga, Mac Mac has twin falls that plunge some 70 meters into a gorge below. The waterfall was not always split into two. Gold diggers blasted through a rock that split the waterfall into two. The twin waterfalls do become one during dry seasons. In summer the waterfall is surrounded by bright green plants and beautiful basking sun. There are also a series of pools at Mac Mac falls, great for swimming and a braai and picnic area.

Castle Gorge

Located in Magaliesberg. Castle Gorge is filled with beautiful waterfalls, pools, weathered rock formations and the perfect place for hikers and hardcore climbers. You’re also likely to come across baboons and monkeys. Gorge is more focused on hiking but the beautiful scenery is worth experiencing.

Lisbon Falls

The waterfall is situated in the heart of Mpumalanga, where these falls exceed any other in southern Africa. The Lisbon Falls is 94 meters high, making it one of the highest in the province. The calming scenery also has trees all around which create a lovely place for a picnic with friends and family. Able to host fun attractive and local tourist attraction activities.

Tugela Falls

Located in Drakensburg and is the highest waterfall in Africa. Also said to be the second-highest fall in the world, with number one being Angel Falls in Venezuela. The river makes up five consecutive leaps down the amphitheatre wall. Although its fall is not consistent it is best to see after rain. When it is extremely cold, it can cause pillars of ice.

It it important to take note of the interprovincial travel restrictions and regulations of Covid-19. May travel to these places depending on your place of residence and lockdown levels.