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Airlink resumes Johannesburg-Maseru flights

Michè Edwards - 09.03.2021

Travellers can be on the move again as flight services Airlink, resume flights from JHB – Maseru.

Airline services, Airlink will resume with daily scheduled flights between Johannesburg and Maseru from 29 March 2021. 

Airlink reopens JHB-Maseru daily flights

This follows after the re-opening of Lesotho borders and lifting of travel restrictions between the two countries while both working together to do their part in successfully containing the virus. 

“After a disruption of several weeks, Airlink is looking forward to welcoming customers onto its flights that provide vital connections supporting trade, business, tourism and family ties between South Africa and the Mountain Kingdom,” said Airlink CEO, Rodger Foster.

What about safety against the virus on flights?

Airlink flight services understand the severity of this time. They ensure to make this very stressful time their main and primary concern and notes “our aircraft are equipped with High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filters (HEPA), which are effective at blocking 99.97% of particulates, including Coronavirus molecules.

“These HEPA filters continually sterilize the air in our cabins, which is renewed entirely every three minutes,” the airline explained.

Will you get your value for your money with Airlink? 

Yes you will. On board, you are treated with a complimentary light meal, refreshments and enough leg room. You’re welcome to choose an aisle or window seat. 

The Airlink economy class fare also includes a 20kg free luggage allowance as well as a 15kg sport equipment allowance.

What is the daily flight schedule? 

Johannesburg – Maseru (from 29 March 2021)

Flight 4Z 052, will depart Johannesburg daily at 09:35 arriving in Maseru at 10:35.

Flight 4Z 053 will depart Maseru at 11:00 arriving in Johannesburg at 12:05. 

Airlink intends to add more flights to the schedule in accordance with demand.

Please visit the Airlink flight schedule guide for more information