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YouTube adds three new features for gaming creators and live-streamers

Zintle Nkohla - 15.07.2021

YouTube adds three new features to make interacting with your live audience as a streamer easier.

On Wednesday YouTube announced it is making adding new updates for gaming creators and streamers, which are clips, subscribers-only chat, and polls.

YouTube streamers: YouTube adds new three new features

YouTube said that these new features will make the streaming experience easy and memorable for both gaming creators and live-streamers.

With these new features, YouTube seems to be taking on Twitch, a game-streaming, as well as a broadcast esports competitions platform. The features which, YouTube, claims are long-overdue have been available on Twitch for some time.

Clips (for YouTube streamers with more than 1000 subscribers)

The now fully rolled out to all gaming creators with 1000 subscribers or more feature will allow viewers to select a 5 to 6 seconds segment of content and share it with others on YouTube and third-party platforms too, and all the metrics will be attributed to the original video.

“We’ve been testing this feature with groups of gaming creators over the past few months and as of today, we’ve rolled this out to all gaming creators with 1000 subscribers or more, with plans to expand to all creators in the future,” YouTube’s Jensen, said.

Via YouTube Help

Subscribers-only chat

This feature will help moderate the stream and creative connections within the community. Streamers can choose how long (hours, days, weeks, months, years) people need to be subscribed before they can send live chat messages in a live stream.

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Live polls

All streamers will be able to create and manage polls on a live, allowing them to ask the audience for assistance when it comes to real-time decision-making during gameplay.

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