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Internet shutdown: Major websites are not loading, here’s why

Andile Sicetsha - 08.06.2021

The internet shutdown was felt around the world. Here’s what may have caused it.

Social media is abuzz in hysteria after a number of major websites reported an error that’s caused a global internet shutdown.

Internet shutdown: Why major websites aren’t loading

On Tuesday, online publications and other internet businesses from around the world reported an outage on their servers, effectively blocking out all traffic.

Internet users who visited the likes of EWN, the New York Times, Bloomberg News, Reddit and even the government of the United Kingdom, were hit with errors.

While a mass troubleshooting effort is underway to get the world back online, reports suggest that the global outage is linked to a technical glitch felt at Fastly, a renowned content delivery network.

At this time, Fastly has not issued an update on the situation. It’s presumed that techies are grinding hard to turn the internet switch back on

Social media reacts to a world without internet

This bizarre event has surely spooked internet users. If anything, it proves just how dependent we are on virtual connectivity. Here are some of the reactions we picked out from social media on the ‘internet shutdown’ trending topic.