Gab becomes new home for far-right extremists

Andile Sicetsha - 12.01.2021 is growing faster by the day, as more extremists look for a new home.

Gab has, overnight, become one of the fastest-growing social media networks in the United States (US).

The fall of far-right commentary from the internet

This, however, is all due to the axing of Parler, a social media app that housed a large share of outgoing President Donald Trump’s supporters.

We will leave everything you may believe was going on in that timeline to your imagination.

Amazon, Google and Apple isolating the social media app owned by CEO John Matze did, in all honesty, not achieve much.

While Parler, a breeding ground for extremist ideas that were central to the shocking US Capitol riots the world witnessed, was removed from the internet, its userbase wasn’t eradicated.

Instead, it’s believed Parler users caught wind of the inevitable unplugging days before it happened and when Amazon finally stepped forward to remove the app from its hosting service, plans were already in place to move to a new home that champions ‘free speech’.

Gab: The fastest-growing social media app in the US

That’s where Gab stood to benefit from tons of new sign ups. The app unashamedly welcomed the attention, noting on its Twitter account that its userbase grew by “900,000 in the past 48 hours.”

The app’s CEO Andrew Torba claims, in an exclusive interview with Revolver, that he is the world’s last hope for saving free speech.

“What we have happening now in America is unprecedented. These unelected Silicon Valley oligarchs are acting as gatekeepers over what the American people can and can not hear from their President, Donald J. Trump,” he said.

Of course, the world turning its back on the US president was, for the most part, due to his involvement in inciting violence and spreading fake news regarding the outcome of America’s elections.

Parler, on the other hand, was evicted from the internet for failing to use its policies to take action against users who incited violence in the days leading up to the events that unfolded in Washington DC.

What it looks like in the life of a Gabber

Torba claims that his social media network is the only resting hope for free speech because “the answer to disagreements is [not] censorship, but more dialog and more debate.”

“Gab has become the single most resilient and battle-hardened social media company in the world. We own our own servers. We can’t be banned from those servers. There is literally no other community in the world that can do what we are doing right this moment. Gab is the fastest growing website in internet history. The Rubicon has been crossed, the die cast, and the Big Tech Exodus has begun,” Torba charged.

We took a stroll down the treacherous path that leads to Gab, to get a peak at what a day in the life of a Gabber was like and this is the rhetoric that triumphs on the platform:

How to download Gab

The app is not available for download on the mainstream internet. Users who want to join the platform can do so by downloading the app from their website.