This new Facebook feature will save you from cancel culture

Published by Andile Sicetsha

Facebook sure has its internal conflicts that are casting shade on its reputation right now but we can’t act like the new ‘Manage Activity’ feature isn’t the one tool we needed to skirt cancel culture.

Cancel culture has no statute of limitations

Every single day, it seems, social media’s vicious cancel culture claims a victim. Recently in South Africa, Miss South Africa hopefuls Bianca Schoombe and Oneida Cooper were handed a cold dish of karma after old bigotrous posts crept up to the surface.

Sure, they may argue that the old versions of themselves died along with their old habits but in this day and age, you are made to pay for everything your name is attached to, whether it happened today or 20 years ago.

United States talk show host Jimmy Fallon will tell you all about that. A mindless act of wearing blackface during a Saturday Night Live (SNL) skit cost his reputation dearly when the image resurfaced decades later.

The point is, in the eyes of cancel culture, there is no statute of limitations to the stupid and ignorant things we have posted on social media.

New Facebook feature: How to use ‘Manage Activity’

That’s why we have Facebook to thank for bringing this new feature forward which allows bookers to remove old posts in bulk. With Manage Activity, you can cleanse your timeline and remove all the offensive, embarrassing things you may have posted at a time you did not know any better.

You can also keep the old stuff you like. Once you’ve opted to remove the old unwanted posts, they will sit in the trash for 30 days before they are permanently removed from your account’s database.

You can follow these simple steps on how to activate and use the feature:

  • Navigate to your Activity Log from your profile
  • Tap “Manage Activity” at the top of your screen
  • Select “Your posts” in the pop-up menu
  • You will see a bulk view of all your posts sorted by date
  • Select the posts you would like to delete
  • Press ‘Confirm’
  • Your old posts will now be removed from your timeline and will remain in the trash for a maximum of 30 days before they are permanently deleted.