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Motorolla RAZR: Lenovo folds time to bring back reimagined classic phone

Swisher Post - 19.11.2019

A zap back to the future as Motorolla prepares to roll-out the classic RAZR smartphone.

The Motorolla RAZR is back and it looks meaner than ever. The classic foldable smartphone sports the grandest features and we are here to unpack it all for you.

Motorolla RAZR: When is coming out?

Much of the hype around the Motorolla RAZR is helped by the rife speculation around the smartphone.

The rumour mill has been in overdrive in the last few months. However, nobody seems to know, for sure, when the Motorolla RAZR will be released.

According to a GS Marena report, pre-sale dates for the smartphone have been confirmed.

It is speculated that some countries in Europe will get the opportunity to pre-order the Motorolla RAZR for an estimated €1 600 (R26 177.54) from as early as December.

In Italy, the smartphone will go on pre-sale on Wednesday, 4 December with sales tipped-off to launch in January.

In the UK, EE has secured the exclusive sale of the Motorolla RAZR and pre-sales have been confirmed for December, although a date has not yet been set.

Other European countries that will hold December pre-sales of the smartphone include Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands, with Sweden only joining the fray in on 24 January 2020.

Specs and standout features

The classic frame of the smartphone is nostalgic but the Lenovo-owned sports a range of high-tech features that compete with the latest smartphone.


  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 Octa-core chipset
  • 6GB of RAM
  • 128GB of storage
  • Splash-proof with water-resistant nanocoating
  • Fingerprint reader
  • 2,510 mAh battery with 15W TurboPower
  • 6.2-inch pOLED main display (21:9, 2,142 x 876)
  • 2.7-inch gOLED Quick View display (4:3, 600×800)
  • Folded size: 72 x 94 x 14mm; Open size: 72 x 172 x 6.9mm
  • 205 grams
  • Bottom speaker
  • 16MP rear camera, f/1.7 with EIS
  • 5MP front-facing camera, f/2.0
  • 802.11ac Wireless, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC
  • eSIM
  • Android 9 Pie
  • Supports Moto Actions

Will it be available in South Africa?

Unfortunately, we can only enjoy the nostalgia from a distance, it seems. While there has been no official confirmation that the Motorolla RAZR will not be available in South Africa, leaked reports have speculated that the smartphone will only be sold in select Western markets.