iPad Mini

iPad Mini: Redesigned model to launch soon – what we know

Zintle Nkohla - 12.07.2021

According to Bloomberg, the long-anticipated iPad Mini update will have a smaller bezel and possibly remove the home button.

Mark Gurman, who writes for Bloomberg, revealed in a newsletter that there could be a new iPad Mini update, which could release later this year.

iPad Mini redesign to lanch soon

According to CNET, the iPad Mini was last updated in 2019 and it the only one that hasn’t received an update among the range, which updated in recent months. In 2019, the iPad Mini got an A12 processor and Apple Pencil support.

Last year, a famous analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, predicted that the next update by Apple for iPad mini could have a screen that’s 8.5 to 9-inches in size — from the 7.9-inch display the current mini has. Kuo has also previously suggested a future iPad mini could use a similar Mini LED display to what we recently saw in Apple’s largest iPad Pro, The Verge reports.

The new iPad will also be the sixth generation of the tablet. Reports say that the new device is intended to replace the existing Intel-powered 27-inch model.

Another notable change to the mini is that it will not have a home button.

Improvements to other iPad models

The iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Pro reportedly had their last update over the past nine months.

Apple gave the latest iPad a brighter screen at a price that’s about half as much as the iPad Pro and tight integration between the hardware, software, app store that made it much easier to use than before. However, it was thicker and even heavier. It also lacked better speakers, stylus support, and better screen, compared to iPad Pro.

On the other hand, iPad Air had better size and weight, making it portable. Apple also gave it iOS 9 which runs perfectly and has split screens, another feature that has become really valuable over the years when it comes to voice calls, video calls, and multi-tasking.

Lastly, iPad Pro came with an excellent display, upgraded storage options, a faster processor, better cameras, and a bigger display in a still-compact size.