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Instagram is down: Here’s what we know

Andile Sicetsha - 02.09.2021

Instagram is down for at least 47% of its entire username. Here’s what we know.

Millions of Instagram users were left frustrated on Thursday when attempts to access the Facebook-owned app yielded errors.

Is Instagram down? – Here’s the latest update

Swisher Post News made a number of attempts to refresh the Instagram desktop page but this error kept popping up:

The mobile application seems to be down too. While users can see the last-loaded feed and Instagram Stories, new platform does not load new posts.

According to DownDetector, an online platform that tracks social media platforms’ load times, at least 47% of the app’s users are experiencing issues.

Source: DownDetector

Even the platform’s blog that would, under normal circumstances, have updates on the app’s technical ongoings, is not accessible.

At this time, Instagram has not issued a statement in response to questions on the cause of the outage.

Here are some of the reactions we picked out online: