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How to get verified on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Zintle Nkohla - 20.07.2021

Here’s how you can get the blue tick badge next to your name on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

For some, getting the blue tick badge next to their username means prominence, standing out, and even being attractive. However, being verified on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram is more than anything, about authenticity — proof that the person behind the account is real.

Probably, the reason why being verified has become more than just about authenticity is because not everyone gets the blue tick badge.

Each of the social media networks mentioned above has its requirements, which will be discussed in this article. Read more to find out if you qualify to be verified.

How to get verified on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram


According to Twitter, to receive the blue badge your account must be authentic, notable, and active. To prove that your account is real you can either provide links to an official website that references you or your organisation, a photo of an official government-issued identification document, or an email address with a domain relevant to the category you choose.

Twitter verifies accounts linked to the following notable categories:

  • Government
  • Companies, brands, and organizations
  • News organisations and journalists
  • Entertainment
  • Sports and gaming

The account must be active with a record of adherence to Twitter Rules. This means that you must have not had a 12-hour or seven-day suspension for violating the Twitter Rules in the past six months. You must have logged into your account within the past six months, and your details must be up-to-date, including a confirmed email address and phone number.

Facebook and Instagram

To receive a blue tick checkmark badge on Facebook and Instagram your account must be authentic, complete, unique, and notable.

Facebook also warns that if you are found to have provided false or misleading information you will lose your badge and further action might be taken.

You can apply for a Facebook badge by filling out a form on the Facebook Help Center, by providing government-issued photo identification, certificate of information, articles of incorporation, or tax exemption documents. You will also need to write a few sentences explaining why your account needs verification. You also need to include a few URLs to prove your notability.

Although you might already have a badge on Facebook, you still need to apply for an Instagram badge. For even better chances of getting your account verified you should:

  • Use the description in your Page or account’s bio to tell visitors about who you are.
  • Use stories to provide a behind-the-scenes look into your life.
  • Encourage your followers to tag you so people can see you interacting with others.
  • Link to your Instagram account from your official website, Facebook Page, YouTube or Twitter account.

And if you have been unsuccessful you can still submit a request after 30 days.