GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp: Everything we know about this ‘clone’ app

Zintle Nkohla - 06.07.2021

GB WhatsApp is a cloned version of WhatsApp and many people have been using it. Here’s how it differs from the official app.

WhatsApp has come in handy since it was first created. It has been the most convenient app people use to send text messages and media since we sort of moved away from SMSs and MMSs.

The app has been improving over the years. Among its most notable features are the status, live location, dark mode, voice calls, and video calls. Besides these improvements, there are still clones of the app and a lot of people seem to be using them.

You might know one or two creeps who are using GB WhatsApp. They will respond to a status even though you’ve deleted it — see read receipts even though you’ve turned them off — see your last seen and more.

What is GB WhatsApp?

Firstly, you cannot find the Whatsapp clone on Google Play Store, its users rely on links from different websites because it is an unauthorised app.

It is not clear who first created the app but rumour has it it was created by a user by the name of AlexMods. It has the same features and functions as the original app and a few modifications and additions here and there, which this article will tell you about.

What features does the clone have?

The modified version lets you download stories, which is not available on the original feature. You may also have multiple accounts on the same phone and you can manage all your accounts on the same app.

You may choose from a list of different languages: English, Spanish, and Chinese. Unlike the original app, you can send large files of up to 50 MB.

The clone lets you hide your online status from your contacts and in addition, you can also mark yourself online even though you have closed the app.

Will GB WhatsApp get you banned from using the official app?

On its website, WhatsApp stated that accounts that use an unsupported version will be temporarily banned until they switch to the official version or app, and failure to do so would lead to a permanent ban.

WhatsApp maintained that versions like GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus violate their Terms of Service because they are created by third parties and are therefore not safe. They also posted how users can safely switch back to the official app.