Amazon radar sensor

Amazon radar sensor given green light to monitor sleep

Zintle Nkohla - 13.07.2021

The US FCC has approved Amazon’s plan to use radar sensors on its devices to monitor sleep.

On Friday 9 July 2021, the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) gave Amazon the green light to use radar sensors on its smart devices to monitor people’s sleep.

FCC gives Amazon green light for new tech

According to The Verge, Amazon’s initial request to FCC was filed on 22 June 2021, to help improve consumers’ awareness and management of their sleep hygiene. The radar sensor is also said to have touchless control of device features and functions, which will especially help users with limited mobility and speech impairments.

A similar development was rumuored in an article by Business Insider in January, in which the publication reported that the company was building an Alexa-enabled radar sensor to monitor breathing in people with sleep apnea.

Amazon radar sensor might be similar to how Google uses its Soli sensor in the Nest Hub, which tracks sleep movements and breath in concert with microphones and an onboard temperature sensor.

Google’s Nest Hub was launched in 2018, as Home Hub and it has been adding more features ever since. It seems like Amazon radar sensor will be entering to be a competitor. Nest Hub also has weather, alarm clock, media centre, and more.

Amazon radar sensor: Jeff Bezos handed reins over to Andy Jassy

This also happens right after Jeff Bezos handed reiins over to new Amazon CEO, Andy Jassy last week. Bezos stepped down on 5 July 2021 after 27 he founded Amozon, walking out 739 489 times richer than average American.

He leaves the company after making many improvements to it — from an book store to an “everything store”. He has also not stopped getting wealthier. On 8 July 2021, Bloomberg said that Bezos has now reached a staggering amount of $214 billion (over R3 trillion) net worth. According to Bloomberg, Bezos eclipses Richard Branson, who is “just” worth $7,9 billion (over R115 billion).

Richard Branson recently beat Bezos in their race to space. Branson’s rocket reached space on Sunday, while Bezos’s New Sherpherd is only leaving on 20 July 2020.