popular apps in South Africa

10 most popular free apps in South Africa

Jade Kruger - 13.09.2021

If you’re feeling a little bit out of touch with those around you, then look here to the most popular apps in South Africa.

Lockdown has forced many South Africans to look to popular apps to keep us entertained and socialised.

The criteria used to develop this list

Some people prefer the convenience of phones, some favour the bigger screen and would rather use a laptop.

Whatever the case, apps are involved. Every device was considered in making this list as accurate as possible. To really focus on popular apps in South Africa, we also checked to make sure that the apps are regularly used.

10 Most popular free apps in South Africa


The most popular free app used by South Africans is WhatsApp, a messaging app. Makes sense for a nation that enjoys nothing more than getting in touch and making plans.


It’s the fastest, and therefore, best way to connect to other people, through short paragraphs called ‘tweets’.


TikTok has stolen the limelight with its 15-second videos. South Africa loves to dance, and this app has given us the sounds and camera to do just that.

DiDi Rider

The cheaper the better. Like other transport services DiDi Rider offers fast and reliable rides.


Facebook is the longest standing social networking site. It’s probably the only app your grandparents learned how to use. It’s also where most people of South Africa advertise social events.


Gmail is a free email service provided by Google.


Instagram is the best way to show off Cape Town vineyards, Durban beaches or Pretoria culture. It’s a social media platform where you can post pictures of whatever you like.


Facebook offers Facebook Messenger, here you can send texts to your friends.


If there weren’t enough apps to satisfy your messaging needs, Snapchat offers direct messages. Just to spice things up, Snapchat also allows you to send disappearing photos and videos’.

Last but not least, YouTube.

YouTube is a social media platform, most used to watch videos. These videos range from music videos to documentaries.