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Watch: Skeem Saam latest episode for Monday 22 June [video]

Swisher Post - 22.06.2020

Tonight on #SkeemSkaam, the SMS that was allegedly sent by Rachel causes problems in the Magongwa home.

The latest episode of Skeem Saam is available to stream and if you missed out on the televised broadcast, worry not ol’ sport, we have got you covered.

Last time around, Lehasa and Phomolo were puzzled by an announcement Lelo made at the relaunch. Leshole betrayed Clement. A mysterious stranger overheard Charles and Nimza discussing Rachel’s whereabouts.

On Monday’s episode, the SMS that was allegedly sent by Rachel causes problems in the Magongwa home. Marothi’s assault on Granny has left her deeply traumatised. Clement and MaNtuli are at loggerheads over a sensitive issue.

Watch: Skeem Saam latest episode for Monday, 22 June

The latest episode of Skeem Saam will be embedded below as soon as it is uploaded. Please refresh this page if you aren’t seeing the video on mobile.

Here’s what to expect from Tuesday’s episode

According to TVSA, this is what you can expect from Tuesday’s instalment: Lehasa manages to get through to the Forensic Guy and vows to destroy Marothi. MaNtuli is not happy with the Priest’s resolve regarding a family matter. Granny has another scary incident and Kat makes a firm decision to resolve the matter.

Skeem Saam: About the show

Skeem Saam is a South African television drama series-turned-soap opera created by Winnie Serite and produced by PEU Communication Solutions in association with the Gauteng Film Commission and SABC Education, about three teenage boys who grapple with tough conflicts as they navigate their journey to manhood in a Limpopo township.

A hit and run accident throws 16-year-old Tbose Maputla and his friend Kwaito Seakamela into incredibly challenging situations, testing their friendship to the limit.

Skeem Saam is a blend of stories about the journey to manhood. It examines the plight of today’s male children and the tough challenges they face transitioning into manhood.

The underlying premise for the local drama series is that real men are made, not born.

Teenage boys naturally challenge themselves. They wish to find out what their limits are. Lizo will explore his journey in a safe way but Kwaito and Tbose will take life-threatening risks.

Who will survive to see his 21st birthday? Who will grow into a healthy, responsible man? What are the responsibilities to fathers, uncles, teachers and neighbours towards shaping the next generation of men?

The series takes a close look at the lives of three teenage boys and their families. It examines how these boys deal with issues of masculinity, gender relations, relationships; self esteem, etc.

The show airs on SABC 1, every Monday to Friday, at 18:30.