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Generations: The Legacy, ep 25 – Latest episode for Friday, 27 December [video]

Swisher Post - 27.12.2019

Tonight on Generations: The Legacy, Mpho isn’t ready to host half of Jozi for New Year.

The latest episode of Generations: The Legacy is available to watch and this is what you need to be catching up on.

On this episode, Ayanda’s worry turns into horror when she hears why her daughter went missing. Mpho isn’t ready to host half of Jozi for New Year. Crazy J makes a spur-of-the-moment decision which he hopes is not a mistake.

Watch: Generations: The Legacy, episode 25

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This is what happened on the previous episode

On Thursday’s instalment of Generations: The Legacy, Boipelo knew just how to get her sister-in-law’s back up. The revelations by the other moms left Lesedi horrified while Tau’s act of sympathy was taken the wrong way.

About the show

Generations: The Legacy is a South African television soap opera created by Mfundi Vundla which revolves around the large and multi-generational Moroka family, which is the centre from which various storylines emerge.

The welfare and survival of this family is a vehicle for the conflict and contrast and serves as the fire that fuels the drama between two social factions.

Set in the cutthroat world of media communications in the city of Johannesburg, Generations: The Legacy looks at the story of the Moroka family, all of whom have passed on and left their legacy to the only surviving member, Karabo Moroka.

Karabo, a model and hair salon owner is now faced with the daunting task of taking over the reins left by her father and brother, Archie Moroka, to head up New Horizons, their advertising company.

Faced with a huge responsibility of owning an advertising company, Karabo enlists the help of Tau Mogale, a powerful man in his own right and together they become partners in New Horizons.

The two eventually fall head over heels in love but their relationship has to endure many obstacles which continually tear them apart.

Unable to handle the pressures set by powerful media mogul Sibusiso Dlomo of Afri-Media, Karabo eventually gets Busi Dlomo to join forces with her and together they become partners in a broader media empire known as Ezweni Communications.

Karabo and Busi, together with quirky sister-in-law Queen Moroka and assistants Ntombi Khumalo and Cleo Khuzwayo, have to overcome the odds in a man’s world as they take on the powerful Sibusiso Dlomo and the very dangerous Jack Mabaso.

The men will stop at nothing to get their share of Ezweni even if it means resorting to violence, seduction and even murder.