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Zizi Kodwa faces ANC’s ‘step aside’ rule: Did he milk the millions?

Andile Sicetsha - 26.05.2021

Zizi Kodwa’s fate as an active ANC member lies in the hands of the NPA.

Zizi Kodwa, a high-ranking figure in the ANC NEC and Cyril Ramaphosa’s placard holder could be on his way to suspension following the evidence that was unveiled at the State Capture Inquiry.

Zizi Kodwa meddled in tech tender scam

On Tuesday, Steven Powell, a specialist from ENS Forensics delivered his report on the probe into Kodwa’s relationship with a tech company only referred to as EOH.

Powell was commissioned by DCJ Raymond Zondo to look into the tech company’s dealings with the government and what he found from subpoenaed bank statements was a financial paper trail that led to a number of high-ranking government figures and state departments.

The subject of Tuesday’s report, however, was Kodwa. According to the evidence, this is what Powell found:

  • Bank records show that Kodwa received more than R2 million in tranches from EOH, between May 2015 and February 2016.
  • Jehan Mackay, an executive at EOH, is listed on Kodwa’s bank statements as a depositor in the transactions made to the NEC member’s account.
  • Kodwa was allegedly the middle-man between EOH and many of the shoddy tenders it won from different state departments, including a R90 million ICT contract it won from Sassa in the Eastern Cape.

Powell’s powerful evidence has created enough probable cause for the NPA to pursue criminal charges against Kodwa. However, at this time, the state prosecutors have yet to issue a directive on Kodwa’s fate.

NPA yet to provide directive on Kodwa corruption inquest

The NEC member has, for the most part, avoided the public. Neither he nor the ANC has addressed the allegations made at the State Capture Inquiry.

These were some of the reactions we picked out from the topic that went viral on Tuesday: