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Dr Xiaomei Havard: Everything we know about ANC’s new MP

Andile Sicetsha - 28.01.2021

Dr Xiaomei Havard is no stranger to important positions. Here’s what we know about ANC’s new MP.

Much of the buzz on recent changes in Parliament surrounds Dr Xiaomei Havard, the ANC’s replacement for the late Jackson Mthembu.
The Asian ANC member has, after a concerted effort competing in the party’s National Assembly run-off elections, finally won a seat in Parliament.

Havard’s inclusion in the ANC’s 230 seats makes it the first time in South African history that the National Assembly includes a naturalised citizen of Chinese origin.

So far, there have been mixed reactions to Havard’s appointment to Parliament. The regressive — and often daft — minority has spurred on a virtual protest under the #NoChineseInSAParliament banner.

Those who know Havard, speak highly of her. We did a bit of digging and while it was incredibly difficult, we were able to source a bit of important information about the newest addition to Parliament.

Dr Xiaomei Havard: Everything we know about the new MP

Where was she born?

Havard was not born in South Africa. According to a recently published wiki page, the ANC member is from Henan, a province in central China.

What qualifications does she hold?

Havard obtained her PhD in Computer Science at the University of Johannesburg.

What is her work experience?

From the information we have sourced, it appears that Havard’s work experience has, for the most part, been in the non-profit environment.

She has chaired the South Africa-China Famous Female Business Council as co-president. She also holds a similar position at the Africa Trade & Art Forum.

When did she join the ANC?

It is not exactly clear when Havard joined the ANC. Her wiki page claims her membership with the ruling party has been active since 2004.

Any quirky facts about Havard?

There were not many quirky facts we could find about the new ANC MP. Apart from her undying love and support for the ruling party, her nickname is ‘Chermaine’.