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Healthcare workers can now register on the EVDS system – Here’s how

Published by Andile Sicetsha

The Department of Health has launched the self-registration process on its Electronic Vaccination Data System (EVDS) for Phase One of the Covid-19 vaccine programme.

Health Minister Dr Zweli Mkhize made it clear that this phase is exclusively open to healthcare workers operating in South Africa, irrespective of your country of origin.

What is the EVDS system?

Already, more than 34 000 healthcare workers have successfully registered on the system, Mkhize confirmed in a tweet.

This platform is the Health Department’s solution to monitoring the widescale vaccination programme South Africa will embark on in 2021.

People who want to be vaccinated will use the EVDS system to register their details for an inoculation appointment. The system will also help the department track events that unfold in candidates after they have taken the vaccine.

Step-by-step guide on how to self-register

For now, though, the rest of South Africa doesn’t have to worry about this process as yet. Registration on the EVDS system is, at this time, only open to approximately 1.25 million healthcare workers.

If you fall in this phase, here is a step-by-step guide on how to successfuly register on the system:

Are you a South African citizen?

If you are a SA citizen, you can initiate the process by entering you ID number and clicking “SELF-REGISTER USING ID”.

If you are not South African but work in the healthcare field, simply click “USE PASSPORT”

General information

This is where you will enter general details about you, e.g. name, age etc.

If you clicked “USE PASSPORT”, this step comes after you have selected you country of origin and passport number.

Employment and medical aid

A number of important things to consider in this section. Priority boxes like “PATIENT FACING” and “HEALTH PROFESSIONAL” must be correctly selected.

While you’re required to indicate if you’re part of a medical aid scheme, Mkhize stated that this holds no bearing in determining priority over non-medical aid workers.

“Regardless whether you have medical aid or not, if you are a healthcare worker, you must register on the EVDS to receive your Covid-19 vaccine,” the minister states.

Primary location of work

In this section, you must correctly enter your place of work as well as the physical address.

Terms and conditions

The health department allows users to leave comments on this section. However, this is optional and will most likely remain blank for most registrants.

Simply click the block to accept the terms and conditions (it’s highly recommended that you read up on how the EVDS system uses your data before you accept) and “SUBMIT REGISTRATION”.

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