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Watch: Pretoria taxi protesters intimidate female motorist [video]

Published by Andile Sicetsha

Pretoria taxi protesters have come under fire for using intimidation tactics to render South Africa’s capital inoperable on Wednesday.

Pretoria taxi strike: What’s the latest?

The National Taxi Alliance (NTA) has kicked off its planned protest in the city and motorists have been advised to avoid Pretoria’s central business district.

At the time of publishing this article, protesters were seen handing over a memorandum of demands at the Department of Transport on Bosman and Paul Kruger Road.

The march will return to Struben Street and make its way to the Union Buildings where a second letter will be dropped off for President Cyril Ramaphosa’s attention.

Pretoria taxi protesters criticised for intimidating motorists

While no violence has broken out as yet, Pretoria taxi protesters have been criticised for intimidating motorists.

In one video, a bus was stopped and forced to disembark its passengers. From what we understand, nobody was injured in the confrontation.

In another, a female motorist was filming the protest action taking place around when, suddenly, taxi protester carrying a baton taunted her with it.

He was seen in the video tapping the baton on the motorist’s window. The woman’s windscreen was cracked but we were unable to confirm if this was caused by the protesters.

More updates will follow as protests are still ongoing.