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Watch: Mystery man surfaces backing Tokyo Sexwale [video]

Andile Sicetsha - 22.04.2021

This man, Adriaan Fondse, claims Tokyo Sexwale is telling the truth and the missing money is greater than ’15 zeros’.

Tokyo Sexwale turned the country on its head when he pitched to a press briefing with an arsenal of what he claims are facts about a mysterious Heritage Fund holding large sums of money that have bizarrely disappeared.

Tokyo Sexwale doubles down on existence of Heritage Fund

The business mogul and ANC veteran huddled South Africa’s mainstream media into a conference room and went into detail about the contents of this fund which the central bank claims doesn’t exist.

In the presentation, the 68-year-old made startling assertions, going as far as stating — categorically — that former president Jacob Zuma and current incumbent Cyril Ramaphosa are aware of this pool of money that was funnelled into South Africa, to help realise free education and fuel the fight against Covid-19.

He disregarded the central bank’s ‘convenient’ amnesia on the subject and claimed that only three or four employees under Governor Lesetja Kganyago’s rule would have access to the restricted level of the bank where funds of this nature are kept.

The 68-year-old revealed more shocking details on the key roleplayers behind the fund and left reporters gobsmacked with the following questions?

  • Why did Zuma, on his last outing as head of state, commission the process to roll out free education when South Africa’s fiscal budget could barely carry such an exorbitant cost?; and
  • Why did Ramaphosa prefer high-interest investments from international stakeholders tied to the Solidarity Fund, over his offer of $5 billion (R71 billion) with a 1% interest rate, taken from the Heritage Fund?

These questions and more shocking claims made by Sexwale left millions of South Africans who’d tuned into the press briefing more confused than ever before.

Watch: Self-proclaimed reserve bank shareholder backs Sexwale story

More confusion and shock would come moments after Sexwale’s presser. A man, Adriaan Fondse, who identified himself to the media as a central bank stakeholder came forward to back the ANC veteran, stating that, in fact, the Heritage Fund is a real thing and part of an active criminal investigation.

Fondse, looking rather anxious, told reporters that he has lodged an affidavit in the case and has evidence to prove that the amount the fund held was larger than 12 figures.

Here is a clip of Fondse speaking to reporters about the validity of Sexwale’s claims.