people fighting a mogale city officer

Watch: Mogale City officer gets into brawl with motorist [video]

Posted by Avuya Walters

A video circulating on social media has caused alarm after it was thought that a Mogale City officer was beaten up by a motorist in full view of his onlooking colleagues.

However, it is necessary to state that the video and the caption accompanying it are widely misleading.

Watch: Mogale City officer gets into brawl with motorist

It is important to note that we were unable to find useful contextual information about the video you will see below.

We are not certain what angered the group of people that were hauled to the side of the road and questioned by the Mogale City officer.

We also can’t confirm when this incident happened. However, we have verified that the officers in this video are from the Mogale City Traffic Department, and not Metro police officials.

The video starts abruptly in the midst of a full-blown fist fight between one fellow and an unarmed traffic officer.

the 30-second clip shows how the traffic officer, despite the embarrassment, contained himself and allowed his colleague to continue with what he was doing after being dealt a few hard-hitting blows.

You can watch the clip below:

Are traffic officers allowed to use force against civilians?

Nowhere in the National Road Traffic Act does it state that a traffic official has the right to use force against civilians, for any reason whatsoever.

In most instances, traffic officers carry loaded weapons for their personal protection in the event that a random road violation stop somehow threatens his or her life.

However, it is highly uncommon to hear about shooting incidents involving traffic officials. In this case, the composure kept by the officer is to be commended.

The situation could have easily escalated to a point where one person — most likely the fist-throwing fellow — ended up injured or even worse, killed.

There are finities in the Criminal Procedure Act that may or may not weed out certain triggers which may have cause the altercation. However, for the most part, motorists are always advised to not resist instruction from a traffic or law enforcement officer.