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Watch: Cape Metro police stop-and-search goes horribly wrong [video]

Andile Sicetsha - 26.01.2021

This motorist was shot at by Cape Metro police. Here’s footage of tha shocking confrontation.

Social media users were left in shock when a video showing a team of Cape Metro police caught in a bizarre confrontation with a motorist did the rounds.

Watch: Cape Metro police in bizarre stand-off with motorist

In the bizarre clip, two armed metro police officers were seen confronting a motorist driving a silver Audi A4 at a traffic stop near Montague Gardens.

It is unclear, at this stage, who the driver in the Audi was and why he’d attracted the attention of the officers. However, he vehemently refused to comply with the officers’ orders to open the vehicle.

In an attempt to scare the motorist into submission, the officers shot at the vehicle’s tyres. Further attempts to access the vehicle were made but the motorist was, at this stage, in no way going to follow orders.

Instead, much to everyone’s surprise, the motorist revved his Audi and, with worn-out tyres, skidded off. Onlookers were left gobsmacked, but thankfully, some were mindful enough to whip their phones out and film the Hollywood-esque confrontation.

What happened to the motorist? – Here are the latest updates

More footage surfaced showing the events that transpired after the car chase. It turns out, the motorist managed to flee into a gated apartment complex.

Cape Metro police were hot in pursuit and entered the building with their weapons drawn.

At the time this article was published, no further updates on the condition of the motorist had been received.

This is a developing story.