stage 2 loadshedding

Stage 2 loadshedding: Joburg hit by four-hour outages

Andile Sicetsha - 18.01.2021

Eskom is working with City Power to address the four-hour #loadshedding felt by many Joburgers.

In all the doom and gloom that comes with stage 2 loadshedding, no one has it worse than Joburgers.

Stage 2 loadshedding kicks off shaky week

On Sunday, Eskom announced that the new week would start off with rotational power cuts, making it five consecutive days of loadshedding.

This prolonged problem Eskom has been dealing with since Thursday has persisted, the power utility noted in a statement.

β€œThe return to service of two generation units at Kusile power station that were not available last week has been delayed due to difficulties in restarting the units, which are now expected to return to service starting tomorrow,” Eskom wrote.

Eskom is investigating Joburg four-hour delay

Hit the worst by loadshedding are Joburg residents who have reported outages that stretch on for four hours. The power utility noted, in a statement released on Twitter, that the matter is being investigated and an update will be given “during the course of the week.”

Unfortunately, for businesses that will be hampered by these prolonged outages can do nothing but rest their hopes on Eskom expediting things.

The power utility had not, at the time of publishing this article, issued an update on this week’s loadshedding schedule.