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SABC responds to Pearl Modiadie sexual harassment claims

Zintle Nkohla - 15.06.2021

Despite a trail of emails, SABC says they were not aware that Pearl Modiadie was being sexually harassed.

On Sunday, the Sunday World broke a story about the alleged sexual harassment against renowned radio and TV personality Pearl Modiadie experienced while she was working in one of SABC‘s biggest radio stations.

The group executive for corporate affairs and marketing, Gugu Ntuli, told the publication that they were not aware of this.

Modiadie had been working for Metro FM for five years until her contract with the radio station ended this year. The alleged sexual harassment was revealed through an exchange of emails between the radio personality and the marketing team sent by unnamed sources to Sunday World.

Pearl Modiadie exposes sexual harassment at SABC

In one of the emails, when an event organiser asked how long will Modiadie have to be on stage, a male manager responded, “Yho since we are there, can I also get asked that question. When do you need Pearl and for how long … you are Pimpsta of the year. Sorry guys but that was really funny.”

Modiadie was infuriated by the manager’s unprofessional response.

“I don’t find the response funny at all. This is highly inappropriate. I’m asking about a job that I’ve been booked for by the station and you are taking it in a completely different direction. This is not the first time you’ve made such comments where I’m concerned and I will not take it anymore,” said Modiadie.

In response to Modiadie’s complaint, the manager said he was “only joking”. He added that a similar incident wouldn’t happen again.

Modiadie confirmed that the incident did happen when she was contacted by the Sunday World. She also took to social media that she is grateful that the media gave her the courage to speak out about sexual harassment she experienced at the radio station and that she had been quiet for too long.

She said that uncomfortable sexual innuendos were thrown around during conversations. At one point, she even cried in front of a celebrity guest. Comments about her body were made several times and it made her feel objectified.

Modiadie said that a then station manager never responded to one of the e-mails she copied her in regarding yet another sexual harassment incident in the emails by the male manager. She said that the matter was never addressed.