polokwane hail storm

PICS: Polokwane hail storm destroys cars and homes [photo]

Posted by Andile Sicetsha

Residents of Seshego, near Polokwane, are still reeling from the destruction left by a hail storm that hit the Limpopo region on Tuesday evening.

As reported by Daily Sun, torrential weather struck the city, bringing along with it rainfall of human fist-sized snowballs.

Seshego hail storm damages cars and houses

The hail storm, according to witnesses, lasted for about 15 minutes, but the extent of the damage it left behind is insurmountable for many residents who may not have been protected by insurance that covers such acts of god.

“I was so scared that I will die with my kids inside the house. There is only two windows that got damaged but that’s nothing compared to our lives,” Sharon Mohale, a Seshego resident, told the cited publication.

Pictures of damaged cars that were parked outside surfaced on social media, showing the level of damage caused by the hail storm.

Polokwane weather forecast for Thursday, 26 November 2020


According to data provided by Ventusky, conditions in Seshego are expected to remain wet and testy, with thunderstorms predicted in some parts of the region at 300 j/kg.


Light showers in most parts of Seshego are expected to remain present throughout Thursday afternoon with temperatures rising from 21°c to 24°c.


Temperatures are expected to drop back to a cool 21°c and the showers will most likely dissipate, carrying the thunderstorm in a westerly direction towards Gaborone, Botswana.