Lydenburg floods: Heavy rains seep into homes [video]

Andile Sicetsha - 25.01.2021

Strays of #CycloneEloise were felt in Lydenburg and other towns in northeastern South Africa.

Strays of tropical Cyclone Eloise were felt in many parts of northeastern South Africa, with places like Lydenburg feeling the brunt of heavy rainfall over the weekend.

Cyclone Eloise leaves trail of destruction

The cyclone made landfall in Beira, Mozambique, with great ferocity, despite being downgraded to a depression by the South African Weather Service (SAWS), on Sunday.

Thousands of Beira residents were left displaced, their homes washed away in heavy floods. Thus far, no deaths have been confirmed.

Lydenburg homes and roads flooded

In South Africa, similar scenes were observed in provinces like KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), Limpopo and Mpumalanga. In Lydenburg, a town in Thaba Chweu Local Municipality, locals woke up to flooded homes and roads blocked by a river of rain.

Weather forecast for Monday 25 January 2021

SAWS, in a statement released on Monday, warned that the overland depression would remain over the northeastern parts of South Africa, affecting the provinces listed above.

Here is a forecast for Lydenburg, Mpumalanga weather on Monday 25 January 2021 taken from Ventusky.

The morning will likely see harsh rains falling at an average of 15.4mm, at minimum temperatures of 17 degrees Celcius. Therefore, motorists are warned to practice extreme caution on the roads.

Photo: Sourced from Ventusky

Things are expected to calm with light-to-no showers from 20:00. However, light rainfall is expected to continue at an average of 0.4mm throughout Tuesday 26 January 2021.