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Lorde surges back to music with ‘Solar Power’

Andile Sicetsha - 08.06.2021

Lorde broke the internet with a thirst-trapping art cover of her upcoming project ‘Solar Power’.

Just when the gob could not take any more smacks, the ever-elusive Lorde ruptured the internet with the announcement of her return to music with Solar Power.

Is Lorde releasing new music?

The New Zealand singer has been on a hiatus for four years, since the release of her second album Melodrama. With no visible footprint on social media, her cult following has been left to follow breadcrumbs for any hint of what Lorde will get up to next.

Earlier this year, the Royals songstress offered her fans a rare look into her Antarctica voyages, in a 100-page photo book fittingly titled Going South.

She was also confirmed as a headliner for Primavera Sound, a popular music festival that’s scheduled to take place in June 2022, in Barcelona, Spain.

A new development that’s got the internet buzzing, though, is an update that surfaced on Lorde’s website. The landing page shows what looks like a cover art — quite racy for Lorde’s usual picks, to be honest — with the words “Solar Power” on it.

Below that, this message reads:

“Arriving in 2021… Patience is a virtue.”

Whether this is an album or a single release is the subject of speculation at this time.

What we know about Solar Power

Amid all the uncertainty, one thing is for sure: Lorde will most definitely release new music this year. In May, the songstress confirmed in one of her newsletters she often sends to her cult fanbase, that she has been working on new music with her regular collaborator Jack Antonoff.

“The work is so f****** good, my friend. I am truly jazzed for you to hear it,” she wrote.

Much of this delay could be attributed to the whammy COVID-19 pulled on the world. However, this recent development that’s ruptured the internet is a good signal of great things to come from Lorde.