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Makhadzi, King Monada wage war over ‘Ghanama’ [video]

Andile Sicetsha - 30.06.2021

King Monada and Makhadzi are at war over ‘Ghanama’. So, who owns the unreleased song?

it looks like the camaraderie we saw between Makhadzi and King Monada in that viral clip where they teased Ghanama was short-lived.

The Kokovha songstress has since come out to vehemently stress that the unreleased record, produced by Prince Benza, is her copyright property, contrary to King Monada’s claims.

King Monada claims ownership of Ghanama

Monada went on Facebook Live, on Tuesday, to reveal that talks between him and Makhadzi have not gone as expected. The pair was seen in a jubilant mood at Monada’s home studio, not too long ago.

A snippet of Ghanama was played for thousands of fans that had tuned into the live feed in awe of seeing two superstars from Limpopo working together on what promises to be a definitive chart-topper.

However, as it turns out, a fight over ownership rights has reared its ugly head and Monada is adamant that he has sole rights to the unreleased record.

The producer went as far as leaking WhatsApp conversations between him and Makhadzi, where he holds firm to his claims that Ghanama is his song.

Makhadzi responds: ‘You didn’t compose the song’

The fellow Limpopo songstress is not wielding to Monada’s assertions. Makhadzi has since launched a campaign in defence of her rights to own the song.

In a video clip that’s since gone viral on social media, she stresses that the melody is her creation, the lyrics were written by her and nowhere did Monada contribute creatively to Ghanama.

Makhadzi’s version of the truth is that she and Monada were meant to collaborate on two songs, a gesture they committed to for the good of the people of Limpopo.

The one song — also unreleased — titled Promises is the copyright property of Monada, Makhadzi claimed. However, on Ghanama. King is, unfortunately, a featured guest.

In the midst of this quarrel, no word has come out on when this unreleased song is due to drop.