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Swiss clinic defends Rupert vaccination: ‘He was the perfect test patient’

Published by Andile Sicetsha

Dollar-billionaire Johann Rupert has found himself at the receiving end of widespread backlash after it was discovered that he received the Covid-19 vaccination before anyone else, in Switzerland.

Rupert vaccination news confirmed by Swiss clinic

While the world’s leading vaccine manufacturers are faced with insurmountable pressure to finalise and distribute doses to billions of people, Rupert skipped the queue and is already immunised from the respiratory virus that has claimed more than 39 000 lives in his home country, and more than a million worldwide.

This was the breaking news in Switzerland, where Rupert received his shot back in December 2020, at a Hirslanden clinic that — wait for it — is owned by Mediclinic South Africa. The Rupert family, on the other hand, holds a 45% stake in Mediclinic.

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Reports of this gobsmacker were first published by a Swiss newspaper, Tages-Anzeiger. In the article, it was revealed that South Africa’s second-richest man landed in Frauenfeld, the capital of Thurgau, a month ago “desperately looking for a vaccine.”

‘He was the perfect ‘test’ patient’ – Swiss clinic

Hirslanden’s spokesperson, however, downplayed the hyperbole found in headlines, stating that the 70-year-old was merely selected as a test patient to assess the effectiveness of the vaccine before it was rolled out to the public.

Moreover, the clinic added, Rupert’s obesity, his high blood pressure and other underlying comorbidities made him the perfect subject to run tests on.

Social media reacts to Rupert vaccination

The news made its way to our shores and here are some of the reactions:

At the time this article was published, Rupert and his associates had not released a statement in response to the vaccination claims.