Elizée shows true emotion on his ‘Couldn’t Stay The Same’ EP

Published by Ntsika Novoyi

Elizée released his R&B project, Couldn’t Stay The Same, pouring out all his emotions into the hearts and soul of his many listeners.

Couldn’t Stay The Same: What to expect from the R&B tape?

Not only is he a talented producer and engineer, but the singer displays hisvocal ability on the six-track EP.

He sings about the issues he has had to face when dealing with his family, friends, and more especially, his past romantic relationships.

Each song has an interesting and new sound to it, especially on the track La Temps Presse, where it’s sung in his native French language.

The beats, being provided by the singer himself, are well produced and showcase how talented he is at crafting his own signature sound.

He uses a beautiful combination of perplexing samples, and soft keys in the background while simple kicks, hi-hats, and 808s make an appearance without completely dominating the sound.

The singer is also capable of creating the best melodies, especially on tracks like Drowning and Couldn’t Stay The Same.

The project is a decent piece of artistry from the singer and we’re sure many are satisfied with the R&B project.

Check out the EP, now available on streaming platforms.

Elizée sends heartfelt message to his fans

With the Covid-19 pandemic, the year 2020 was tough on many with the singer having to go through one of the harshest years he could ever experience.

On his social media, he made a post before the release of his project, releasing a long and heartfelt statement detailing what he had to go through before gaining the courage to release the EP.

According to the singer, he went through not one, but two life-threatening incidents.

He details how he was mentally abused by those he thought he loved and how he felt disconnected from everyone around him.

Worst of all, the singer had to deal with the loss of his mother completely putting him out of the music scene.

However, he shared how he had to choose to heal, find love in himself and those around him, and grow from the experiences.

This was a very powerful message, especially to those who also had to go through the same trauma as him, and it’s great to see him back in the music world.