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David Mabuza caught in war of words with Xoli Mngambi

Published by Andile Sicetsha

Deputy President David Mabuza didn’t mince his words when he directed a response to Newzroom Afrika anchor Xoli Mngambi over comments he made on his Newzfeed AM with Xoli Mngambi on Wednesday.

David Mabuza fires back at Xoli Mngambi

In a statement released by Mabuza’s office, Presidency spokesperson Matshepo Seedat charged at Mngambi for making untested claims about the alleged “collapse of policing and disruption of construction projects in eMalahleni, Mpumalanga.”

Towards the end of his slot, Mngambi claimed that contact was made with Mabuza to lodge questions on this subject and according to the anchor, the office of the deputy president allegedly responded by stating, “it is not yet time for the Deputy President to comment on these issues and they were aware of what has been said about the Deputy President. Perhaps in due time, they will give us their side of the story.”

Mabuza’s office, however, has vehemently rejected these claims as “a complete fabrication that Mngambi, has to resort to in order to achieve his nefarious purpose.”

“Of late, Mngambi has taken to the mischievous habit of attempting to draw the Deputy President to his multiple imaginary conspiracies and fabrications. This situation inherently brings into focus not only the integrity of Mngambi and the ethics of journalism practices in his show but also the very ‘verification portal’ policy of Newzroom Afrika.

“The contradiction makes a mockery of Newzroom Afrika’s own motto that, ‘it’s better to be right than to be first’. Through Mngambi’s dubious hand, we are left wondering if the station actually stands for what it purports to,” Mabuza’s office scathed in the statement.

The Presidency added that the deputy president has, on numerous occassions, expressed his interest in engaging the court system and other bodies on the untested claims of his involvement in corruption activities from his tenure as Premier of Mpumalanga.

“For Newzroom Afrika to create a platform for conspirators to manufacture endless accusations against the Deputy President in the court of public opinion, serves no good for our country. The Deputy President’s interests are to actively engage in the fight to end poverty in our society, address unemployment, and help build a united and cohesive society, epitomised by equality of all,” the statement continued.

Mngambi unbothered by enraged Mabuza

Clearly unphased by the charged lambasting, Mngambi took to his Twitter to post an archive interview of Mabuza admitting to have “privileged information on the [Mpumalanga] January 8 killings.”

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