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Basic Education suspends contact sports in schools

Andile Sicetsha - 19.05.2021

A spike in COVID-19 cases has forced the Basic Education Dept to pull the plug on all contact sports in schools.

Following a number of consultations with the Council of Education Minister, the Department of Basic Education has taken a decision to suspend all contact sports activities in schools.

No more contact sports in schools, DBE rules

In a statement released on Wednesday, the ministry indicated that non-contact sport could continue, on the condition that “all social distancing, hygiene and safety measures are observed.”

“In 2021, after the reopening of schools and consultations with education stakeholders, the DBE gazetted directions allowing non-contact sport, sports-related activities and school-based arts and cultural activities to resume without spectators, subject to adherence of safety measure,” the statement read.

However, a spike in COVID-19 cases between the end of Term 1 and the start of Term 2, particularly in Gauteng, sparked fears of a third outbreak.

“It is evident that despite following all protocols as guided by the Directions on extramural activities and standard operating procedure on the prevention, containment and management of COVID-19 in schools, contact sports events still contribute to the spread of COVID-19,” the basic education department added.

What types of activities are no longer allowed in schools?

In an effort to quell the start of a third wave, teh department has issued a notice to all schools in South Africa:

“All sporting activities have been suspended with immediate effect until the clusters outbreak is subsequently over with no further cases reported including the preparatory school sport.”

Based on this statement, these are the types of sporting activities that may no longer be allowed in schools:

  • Rugby
  • Soccer
  • Wrestling
  • Hockey
  • Waterpolo
  • Karate
  • Netball