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Cassper Nyovest hypes ‘the Legacy deal’ but what exactly is it?

Andile Sicetsha - 08.06.2021

Cassper Nyovest has inked a ‘Legacy’ deal but what does it have to do with Drip Footwear? Here’s what we know.

Cassper ‘Don Billiato’ Nyovest is back at it again with his ingenious internet marketing tricks and this time around, he’s had his entire fanbase tweeting about a ‘Legacy’ deal they know absolutely nothing about.

Cassper Nyovest inks ‘Legacy’ deal – Here’s what we know

Nyovest pulled his cult following, and his haters, to his Instagram account to witness what he called the greatest day of his life. In the InstaStories, we saw Don Billiato suited and booted, looking dapper as he sat in his pearl white Bentley coupe.

In a couple of his Stories, the Siyathandana rapper reflected on the journey he’s traversed since the first time he set foot in the City of Gold, with nothing but a dream and some loose change for a few roundtrips in a taxi.

Today, he commands one of the most prominent and commercially successful discographies in South African music. Moreover, his influence on social media is mammoth, to say the least, and this bodes very well for the 30-year-old in corporate meetings.

Tuesday, however, was the start of a new chapter in his road to becoming SA Hip-Hop’s first rand-billionaire.

The rapper had the hashtag #TheLegacyDeal trending on Twitter with video clips of him inking his signature on a deal that remains anonymous for now,

Or is it? At this time, nobody has come forth with information on what this ‘legacy’ deal is. However, we did do some digging and here’s what we found.

Nyovest seems to be on the verge of announcing a collaborative campaign with local sneaker manufacturers Drip Footwear. Right now, speculation is rife on what this partnership will be. Some have guessed that Nyovest will probably announce his own range of Drip sneakers.

However, we have an inkling that this could be a greater partnership than a mere limited edition campaign. Is Nyovest in line to become part-owner of the popular urban retailer?

This remains unanswered, although, if bets were made, our chips would be placed on the latter being the case.

We will just have to wait and see what Nyovest and Drip announce in the hours or days to come.