cape town protests

Cape Town protests break out, busses torched [video]

Andile Sicetsha - 12.11.2020

Residents from Khayelitsha and surrounding townships are advised to stay at home as tensions heat up in the area.

The eastern periphery of Cape Town has been engulfed in fiery protests on Thursday morning.

Service delivery protests break out in Cape Town

cape town protests
Photo: Sourced from @RiotAndAttackSA / Twitter

Public transit in Khayelitsha and surrounding townships has been cancelled and workers from the affected areas have been encouraged to stay at home amid the unrest.

It’s understood that land occupiers have banded together to display their disgruntlement with the local government regarding issues of service delivery.

Traffic update: N2 highway closed near Borchard’s Quarry

cape town protests
Photo: Sourced from @RiotAndAttackSA / Twitter

Thus far, EWN has confirmed that law enforcement officials have been deployed into the eastern region of Cape Town to monitor the protests.

It’s also reported that a section of the N2 highway, between Borchard’s Quarry and Macassar, has been closed off to traffic in an effort to keep the unrest out of the busy interchange.

Moreover, Golden Arrow confirmed that at least three busses have been torched by protesters.

DA loses two wards in by-elections

At this time, it is unclear if any of the passengers on board the busses were injured.

The protests in Cape Town come a day after Wednesday’s by-elections. In the Western Cape, where 11 wards were contested, the governing DA lost one ward to Patricia De Lille’s Good party and managed to retain eight.

The remaining two wards were won by the ANC.

This is a developing story.