Anatii earns plaudits for his Grammy contribution

Published by Ntsika Novoyi

South African musician, producer, and songwriter Anatii has been receiving large amounts of praise after the announcement of Beyonce’s Grammy win for Brown Skin Girl, a song he was part of.

Anatii: Making South Africans proud

To work alongside one of the biggest musicians in the world is an achievement itself, but to be a part of the winning experience at a Grammy Award show is an all-time high in one’s career.

The song, coming out of Beyonce’s Lion King: The Gift album, featuring Wizkid, SAINt JHN, and Beyonce’s 9-year-old daughter Blue Ivy, grabbed the award for Best Music Video.

Although Beyonce was the one to collect the award, much praise was sent out to Blue Ivy, who became the second-youngest person in history to win a Grammy Award.

However, back in Mzansi, large amounts of plaudits were thrown at the Thixo Onefefe star, as it proved to many that South African artists can be capable of reaching such a height in their careers.

The video had already found the same success at the Soul Train Awards where Anatii had received earlier praise however the Grammys, with its rich history, is a whole different level.

Did he really win a Grammy Award?

Although many celebrated the musician’s success, it became apparent that Anatii didn’t actually win the award.

Since the Grammy Award was actually only for the music video itself, it became true that only the artists and directors of the song would be receiving the award.

Unfortunately, this meant that Anatii didn’t actually win any Grammy award for his behind-the-scenes songwriting contribution towards the song.

However, the South African hit-maker did receive a Certificate of Grammy Recognition for his participation as a composer towards the track, which might not be a Grammy but it’s still definitely a proud moment.

Maybe the reason Anatii has remained silent is because of fans over-hyping his success, however, South Africans will continue to show their pride and support towards the artist.