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Loki endorses Pride Month with this startling revelation [video]

Andile Sicetsha - 23.06.2021

The writing was on the wall but on this episode, Loki made it official.

Marvel’s Loki series has definitely gotten off to a sensational start and already, fans have been winded — quite pleasantly at that — by a startling revelation the Asgardian prince made on episode three.

Pride Month boosted by this Loki revelation

Disney Plus premiered the third episode of Loki a week before the end of Pride Month and to conclude this celebratory period, Tom Hiddleston’s character revealed that he sexually bats for both sides.

Now, to fully comprehend how all of this makes sense, we have got a bit of explaining to do.

Thus far into the series, Loki has been working with the Time Variance Authority to protect the Sacred Timeline (quite ironic to be honest) from multiverse-skipping shady characters.

In the third episode, Hiddleston’s character spots a variant of himself, except, the mysterious figure is a hooded woman.

Towards the end of the episode, Loki encounters the variant known to Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) geeks as Lady Loki, the Goddess of Mischief.

The screenshots we see above are taken from a dialogue between the two variants where the real Loki admits to being bisexual.

Loki’s queerness is not new information

While this revelation on the Disney+ series has sparked a frenzy on social media, it’s not new information, according to the LA Times.

Turns out, Loki’s character in the comic series was written out as a gender-fluid, shape-shifting god that blurred the lines in his role as an antagonist.

Moreover, a closer look at the teaser Disney+ dropped before the season premiere actually shows Loki listed as ‘fluid’ in a TVA form he filled out when he was captured in the first episode.

Still, the revelation of this information, a week before the end of Pride Month was welcomed by fans. Here were some of their reactions: