After seven movies of sitting on the edge of your seat, The Conjuring Universe has released their eighth horror film. The Devil Made Me Do It  being the third release of the Conjuring movie series. The Devil Made Me Do It takes one of the strangest parts of Ed and Lorraine Warren’s case files: the real life 1981 murder case in which they tried to argue the defendant’s innocence by claiming he was possessed by the devil.

The Conjuring: ‘Devil Made Me Do It’ Full Rundown

Picture: Warner Bros

Patrick Wilson, playing the character of Ed and Vera Farmiga, playing the Lorraine, continue to bring a different feel to their movies – one not easily achieved. This does not take away from the fact that the storyline entirely is a successful horror franchise, as opposed to a bunch of other movies about paranormal investigators.

The movie does not lack in giving one fear or excitement. The Conjuring Universe has never disappointed in keeping the interests of its viewers. Ultimately, The Devil Made Me Do It’s attempt to shake the franchise up with a new director falls short, and like the young man at the heart of its supernatural horror.

Will The Conjuring release any more movies?

According to Refinery29 this is the last we see of Ed and Lorraine Warren supernatural cases. Although every one of their movies are based on true stories, the stories would eventually get repetitive. In this movie we see that the couple rekindling their love after Ed being possessed by a demon and almost killing his wife Lorraine.

The Conjuring worth watching?

Yes yes and yes. Although this is a horror, the movie carried a more romantic tone to it. After Conjuring 1 we see the couple not romantically connected. In Conjuring 2, the state of their marriage seems to disconnect when working one of their cases due to differences. Not only was the love between Ed and Lorraine the destroyer of the evil, but the case file they had been working on had some romance to it too which saved the life of the young man who had been possessed.

The Devil Made Me Do It is out now on HBO Max and in Cinemas.