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Nandi Madida stars in Beyonce’s ‘Black Is King’ doccie: How to watch in SA

Swisher Post - 28.07.2020

#NandiMadida is featured in #Beyonce’s upcoming #BlackIsKing doccie and you can watch it on DStv.

Nandi Madida took to social media in excitement to announce that she will be featured in Beyonce’s upcoming Black Is King documentary and DStv subscribers get a front-row seat to the spectacle.

Beyonce’s Black Is King doccie: What’s it about?

This documentary, Beyonce has labelled her passion project. The product of her own blood, sweat and tears, Black Is King was meant to accompany the soundtrack to The Lion King: The Gift.

However, due to the recent uprising in the United States (US), it dawned on Beyonce that releasing the doccie sooner “would serve a greater purpose.”

“I spent a lot of time exploring and absorbing the lessons of past generations and the rich history of different African customs. While working on this film, there were moments where I’ve felt overwhelmed, like many others on my creative team, but it was important to create a film that instils pride and knowledge. I only hope that from watching, you leave feeling inspired to continue building a legacy that impacts the world in an immeasurable way,” the singer wrote in a passionate Instagram post.

You can watch the trailer below:

Nandi Madida is one of many SA talents featured in the doccie

We will have to wait for the full doccie to get real insight into the adventures Beyonce will lead us on in Black Is King. One thing we know for sure, though, is that South Africa is well-represented.

Nandi Madida could not withhold the surprise for a few more days so we already know that she will be featured.

How to watch Black Is King in South Africa

What’s even more exciting is the news that accompanied her announcement. Turns out, DStv subscribers will be able to watch the doccie when it premiers on M-Net (channel 101) on Saturday 1 August at 20:00.

Moreover, Multichoice will — for one day only — open the premium channel to all DStv subscribers. Thus, you will have no excuse for missing out on this spectacle.