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Powerball results: Your winning numbers on Tuesday, 14 January

Published by Swisher Post

The Powerball results for Tuesday, 14 January are finally here and we are as ready as ever to assist you with delivering them as they are announced.

Anything is possible tonight. What may have started out as a bad Tuesday, with the boss yelling instructions in your ear, could end with millions.

However, this is only possible if you thath’amaChance, thath’amaMillions!

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Powerball results: What is the estimated jackpot?

The ticket slip is holding the numbers you carefully thought out but will they be the ones shooting you into riches?

You only have to scroll down to find out. These are the estimated jackpot totals for Tuesday, 14 Tuesday,

  • Powerball: R70-million; and
  • Powerball Plus: R18-million

Powerball results: These are your winning numbers

The winning sequence of numbers will appear below no later than 21;05. Please refresh the page if the numbers have not been listed at the said time.

These are the Powerball results for Tuesday, 14 January, good luck!

  • Powerball: 43, 09, 11, 32, 10 PB: 15
  • Powerball Plus: 06, 17, 05, 15, 12 PB: 17

How to view your results on Swisher Post

At Swisher Post, we understand how frustrating the wait for the results is. That is why we will always strive to ensure that the results are updated as soon as they are broadcast.

The National Lottery often interrupts the broadcast on E-tv, every day at 21:00 to either announce the Lotto and Lotto Plus, Daily Lotto or Powerball results.

Powerball winning numbers are announced every Tuesday and Friday.

National Lottery total payout in 2019

While the chances of winning the Lottery are dependent on the alignment of the stars, your chakras, and basically a level of luck that is hard to come by, it is not improbable.

According to the National Lottery, a total of R2.5-billion “has been won across all games in 2019″.

Therefore, participating in the game is not unadvised.

However, gambling can be addictive and players who feel pressured to spend in excess of their affordability are encouraged to seek help.

We encourage gamblers who want out to contact the Twin Rivers Rehabilitation Centre.

After all, losing out on winnings is not worth losing one’s self, let alone their loved ones.