Yung Tyran

Yung Tyran releases the visuals for ‘Written In Blood’ [video]

Published by Ntsika Novoyi

Yung Tyran released the music video for Written In Blood, coming off his latest album titled Memento Mori.

What to expect from the Yung Tyran music video

This is the first music video to come off Tyran’s Memento Mori album, with the rapper blessing us with the visuals to the intro song titled Written In Blood.

The video is a simple yet powerful viewing experience, displaying a dripped-out Tyran walking through a field filled with a full blown purple surrounding.

The trees are purple, the grass is purple, and the leaves are purple leaving the viewer to witness a beautiful visual experience while the rapper drops his motivational bars.

The rapper goes on to talk about the situations he has to deal with in his life, talking about his impressive work rate, the people who try to put him down, his dealings with a lady, and how he’s trying to make as much money as the infamous Cartel legend Pablo Escobar.

He speaks to the viewer all while walking through the beautiful field and it really feels like the viewer is having a one on one discussion with Tyran.

Tyran has always been known for his creative brilliance when it comes to his visuals, and it comes as no surprise to see such an impressive visual for his first track off Memento Mori.

How has Memento Mori been performing?

With the rappers’ album having released on the 18th of March 2021, Tyran has been receiving even more praise for his efforts.

Music lovers have continued to appreciate the rapper’s storytelling ability and his creative wordplay leaving listeners wondering how the rapper could have even come up with such lyrical ability.

With the release of Memento Mori, the young rapper continues to receive well-deserved praise all over social media.