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Monique Muller: Profiling Maboe’s scorned partner

Avuya Walters - 23.10.2020

Monique Muller was brave enough to expose her cheating partner Katlego Maboe. Here’s what we know about the young mom.

The world has come tumbling on former Expresso Show host Katlego Maboe but the one person reeling from the shocking end to a happy relationship — or so we thought — is Monique Muller.

The world tumbles for Katlego Maboe

On Thursday evening, Muller delivered her karma on Maboe when she posted a video of the OUTsurance ambassador admitting to infidelity.

In her outburst, Muller let it slip that Maboe had allegedly infected her with a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

Not only has she had to deal with the pain of being hoodwinked by the father of her son, but it’s also possible that she may be infertile due to the cancer cells activated by the STD he passed on to her.

Expresso Show and OUTsurance cut ties with cheater

Following Thursday night’s unravelling, Maboe issued a statement, confirming the cheating allegations but vehemently denied claims that he has, in the past, been abusive towards Muller.

Expresso Show was the first to cut ties with the host. OUTsurance followed suit and announced the removal of all advertisements containing the ambassador “as soon as practically possible.”

Interestingly, in all the rumblings that we have heard about this scandal, not much has been said about Muller.

Hence, we did a bit of digging and compiled more information about who she is.

Who is Monique Muller?

Muller shot up to celebriton scene a few years ago when she and Maboe were spotted out on romantic outings on numerous occasions.

Then, in January 2018, she and the ex-TV host announced the pregnancy of their two-year-old boy who was born on Tuesday 26 June 2018.

For the most part, the couple’s relationship thrived — again, so we thought, right? — away from social media.

By profession, Muller is listed as a marketing representative at Shimansky Jewellery. We understand that she has grown in the company since she joined as a sales executive in October 2015.

Before that, she was a flight attendant at Emirates at the Dubai quarters where she served boarding passengers between 2011 and 2015.

Muller describes herself as a “highly motivated individual.” She is currently completing a ‘Women in Leadership’ online course at GetSmarter and will follow that with a business course.

This, she hopes, will mould her competency for her future career prospects.