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Big Xhosa stuns SA on ‘Lemon Pepper Freestyle’ [audio]

Andile Sicetsha - 03.06.2021

Big Xhosa pulled the wool over Mzansi with hard-hitting lyricism on his version of Lemon Pepper Freestyle.

What may have started out as a parody has quickly morphed into a launchpad for Big Xhosa to stake his claim in South Africa’s music scene.

How Big Xhosa reeled SA in with his parody

The Eastern Cape personality-turned-rapper got the industry in stitches earlier this year when he came out with his rendition of Hit Em Up, an unfiltered and gritty diss to SA Hip-Hop’s heavyweights.

Shortly after this parody took off, Big Xhosa, born Sesethu Myeki, became a hot ticket for promoters. Soon, he found himself flying to all corners of the country, performing on the same stages his comedic adversaries once graced.

The afro, matched with the overzealous personality, reminded many of Pitch Black Afro, a man who once bossed the industry in his hey-days.

The difference with Big Xhosa, though, is that this parody may have been a launchpad to get as much attention honed in on him as possible, before he could show his true talents.

Watch: Xhosa tags alter ego for Lemon Pepper Freestyle

On Thursday, fans were left in awe when the Eastern Cape rapper unveiled his alter ego, SOS. a backpack rapper with immaculate lyrical abilities.

Xhosa features himself in his version of Drake’s Lemon Pepper Freestyle. This, from what we understand, is a teaser for a single Xhosa is dropping on Friday titled iLanga.

Watch Xhosa’s Lemon Pepper Freestyle below: